Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spring Blossoms: A Memory of Grandmother's Garden.

Spring blossoms always reminds me of my maternal grandmother. Growing up, visiting her home was a pleasure. Her house was situated in a horse shoe garden that boasted all kinds of plants from pumpkins to grape vines, to flowers and herbs. 

Every year flowers sprang up, adding color and amazing scents to her little nook in the world. Roses, one of her collections and flowering trees that looked like giant snowballs stand out in my memory among all the varieties of flowers that graced her property. A giant willow tree provided a fairy playhouse carpeted by a lush carpet of green. During the summer produce of every type overflowed and the grandchildren had grazing privileges, of course those privileges were earned by weeding. 

When I see beautiful blooms such as these it reminds me of my grandmother and her lovely garden. One day I hope to help create lovely memories of such color and scent in my own grandchildren that shows them how beautiful the world can be.

Tombstone Tuesday: Abraham Nave

Abraham Nave son of, Teeter Detrich Nave and Ann Vanderpool, was born on 24 Mar 1769  and passed away 20 Nov 1850 in Carter County, Tennessee. Abraham married Mary Williams and had a large family 17 children. On findagrave.com there is some dispute as to where Abraham Nave is buried. One page says Stover Cemetery another page says Nave Cemetery and yet another page says Nave-Hess Cemetery. After reading each page carefully the Nave-Hess Cemetery is the correct one. The creator of the cemetery page really did his work and hunted down the old and nearly forgotten cemetery.

Image of the gravestone found on findagrave.com

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Treasure Chest Thursday: William Brown Pinkerton 1885

William Brown Pinkerton at 24 years old. William was the son of David M Pinkerton, Jr. and Mary Ann Hitchcock. This picture would have been probably taken in Minnesota where he was living with the E. T. Morgan family, along with his older sister Mary Elizabeth Pinkerton.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: David H Pinkerton marries Elizabeth Aiken

David H. Pinkerton, son of Deacon James Pinkerton and Sarah Wallace, married Elizabeth Aiken on 19 May 1839 in Goffstown, New Hampshire.

Image of marriage record found on Ancestry.com

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tombstone Tuesday: Thomas Havins

Thomas Havins, son of James Havins and Sarah Miller, was born 7 Mar 1793 in Jefferson County, Tennessee. In 1813 he married Abigail Purdon and proceeded to have a large family of at least 12 children. The family moved from Tennessee to Alabama, then to Missouri and on to Texas. Thomas passed away on 22 April 1883 in Coryell County, Texas. He is buried in Gotcher Cemetery in Copperas Cove, Texas.

Image of gravestone found on findagrave.com

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Census Sunday: Ebenezer Bourne Keene Gurney 1880 United States Federal Census

Date: 4 Jun 1880
Location: Hanson, Plymouth County, Massachusetts
Household: 5866

EBK Gurney, son of Thomas Gurney and Rebecca Keene, is living in Hanson, Massachusetts with his second wife Desire. He is 71 years old and working as a surveyor.  

Digital image found on Ancestry.com